Thursday, August 27, 2009

NEW WHIP again

Got a new whip! 1995 civic ex sedan 5spd 143k. Mint! so happy with it, it is so nice, i feel like i got a new car, it has every option including a 6 disk changer in the trunk, haha. Seeing as how the cd changer is in the trunk i will probably be listening to the same 6 cd's forever. Here is my question to whoever reads this, what 6 cd's should i have in there? I expect a list or two from each of you in the form of a comment. Keep in mind i will need tunes for all occasions so a variety is important, also i actually have two cassettes that hold 6 cd's each so 12 tottal. holla!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

standing in greece

acouple of the many greece pics.
city of Oia on the island of santorini in greece

the real acropolis, not the strip club with delicious 3 dollar fish n' chips, Athens.

Monday, August 10, 2009

so excite!!

alrighty where do i start this one?
well i fell off my motorcycle making a left turn onto Broadway on my way to work this morning, i don't really know how it happened, it was so quick, one minute i'm turning, he next i'm rolling in the street and watching my moto spin around, I jumped up picked up the bike and pushed it onto the sidewalk. Just as im asking myself "what the hell just happened?" a lady pulls up and asks if I've got a cell phone, i say yes and then she says "you are probably not as good as you think you are." I say, "thanks I appreciate your insight" and she drives off, what a bitchy thing to say right? anyway pretty crazy, I was wearing a leather jacket and gloves a full face helmet and some levi's. this is my only wound, s scraped up knee. I managed to borrow a screw driver and fix what was bent enough to get to work only 15min late! the bike is fine and so am I. nice knee! The gas pumper guy that I borrowed the screwdriver from said "I ain't never seen nobody jump up THAT fast!"
umm this was last night, Angie is in town so we had some drinks, interesting crew there were about 10 of us, all from AZ.
monday or teusday? we got some pizza, awesome deal over at rovente, 18 inch ceese for 7.99.
thats it for now, off to greece in two days, so excite!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

best corner in the country

so i,got a sweet new camera, i was out front skating and thought id show everyone how we do it on 16th and ash.

this is the roundabout/hip to ledge spot, lots of good tricks have gone down here such as 50-50 stalls and switch tail drops. now that im thinking of it i should get some action shots of this stuff to really give you an idea. this was built last summer and survived the winter snow here, it is in need of a touch up that is coming soon.

here is the rope swing. this was our first fun addition to our front yard a.k.a the street. its great for doing pull-ups, stretching out, swinging and best of all its a good post bar ice breaker, and kids love it too. Directly below the swing is our latest addition to the skatepark, a 15ft peice of angle iron liquid nailed to the curb, soooo much fun. I was just out there and travis's friend from boston already did probably the best trick thatll ever go down on it. long 5-0 to switch crooks like it aint no thang. fun.
anyway i have a new camera so expect more pics to come, plus this month im going to greece and las vegas and flagstaff and phoenix so i should have lots of new stuff to share.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

me and the sexiest man alive.

this is an oldie but goodie, this was one of those rare times when a sweater party occurs during an "I can grow my hair longer than yours" competition.