Monday, June 29, 2009

more camping pics

so these are the last new pics for a while because my camera finally gave up.
johnny waits for the ferry
dylan and myself on the ferry
perro and dylan wait for the ferry
dylan gets down.

camping trip

So this camping trip was FUN. John, Perro, Dylan and I went to Orcas Island Washington and camped for 2 nights. Dylans first camping, she was awesome as usual.
this is the lake that is on the island, I heard its warm but i didnt get in as I wasn't prepared for swimming.
for some reason Orcas Island has an AWESOME skatepark, we had it to ourselves most of the day.
Dylan on the ferry ride, it was windy as hell. she is wearing thrift store gear because i forgot to bring a jacket for her.
veiw of Mt Ranier from Mt constitution on orcas island, pretty cool.

hahahahahahaha! a baby with sunglasses on.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Does she look like me here?

I feel like she looks like me in this pic, Does she? I dont often feel that way.
Do all of these pictures of her look the same? She just has different outfits on, oh well Its really for the Grandma and Great Grandma to look at anyway. enjoy!

Things that Dylan does now...
! sings songs
@ Dances
# Poops and Pee on the toilet
$ Throws small fits

my first house guests

From Left to right... Chick, Baab, Megun (Mrs. Green), Tear-uh, Mac, Bart Simpson, Juanny and Bee. At the max stop under the Burnside bridge on our way to the Zoo to see a concert. My house fit 4 plus me pretty comfortably Id say. were are going to push it up one for dylans birthday. Actually dyla was only at my house for two of those days.

fun week with the PHX people, I dont think I convinced anyone to move here but I think they had a good time anyway.

Monday, June 22, 2009

things have been busy with me. Bobby, michael, Tara and Megan stayed with me all of last week. Bob and Megan are engaged now, he popped the question in the middle of a gnarly traffic jam on our way back from hood river, we were stopped on the freeway and the ran off together and found a magical waterfall and decided to de together forever, so thats cool. plus they left me with some new towels and blankets so ill have enough when everyone stays here for Dylans birthday.

Things I need to do.
Find a more fulfilling job, clean my house, fix my motorcycle again.

I cant find my camera but i think there are pics from this last week to share when I do.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

some pics

Ive been busy but here are some pictures. this one is from a few months ago.
this one is from an hour ago.

Monday, June 1, 2009

a picture

She looks so old! anyway, summer is here in Portland and we are getting tan. lots of park time, lots of back yard time. work is crap, not work is fun. im tired.