Tuesday, July 28, 2009

random older pics

Work sucks, here are some pictures that are old

this was johns birthday at about 4am, wounds from the day swelbow fatlip and handhole, i wont go into all the details but you can imagine how much fun that day was.
moving to a different campsite, johnny and perro.
an ex-coworkers "pool" party, travis and HayHay wading as the ex-coworker dives on in, the party was actually pretty lame, or maybe it was just me.
2 weeks until vacation and i cannot wait! Greece, Vegas, Flagstaff, Phoenix here i come.

Monday, July 27, 2009

portlaaaaand Zuh!

Dani and I took dylan to the zoo this past friday... here is dani in the max tunnel waiting for the train home
Danis bike, her old wheels and seat were stolen so she got some new shit and i hooked it up for her, new seat, bar tape, pedals etc. she is trying it out fixed now too, she fell twice in front of my place trying to do tricks already. the bike looks really good in person, it will definatley be stolen soon.

some river croc at the zoo, fool was mad doggin me.
Dylan next to some fish that were bigger than her, she wouldnt turn her back to them or get near the tank for a picture.
my camera is still broken-ish so ill be slow with the pics till i get a new one. adios!

Monday, July 13, 2009


I dont know if ive mentioned this but i got the hawk back on the road and it is a blast. I got 1500 from insurance and it took 250 dollars and about 45 minutes from Austin and I to get it rolling again. its thrilling, it makes me really want to get a purely track bike and start going to the race track. no cars, no lights or stop signs, fun, I want to drag a knee. the feeling of leaning over on a motorcycle in turns is awesome, you cant get it anywhere else. you can get a tiny little taste on a bike but its not even close.

its bad though because im getting more comfortable every day and i want to take turns faster and faster but i know it is a bad idea on the street, enough about that though...
dylan is funny, i was doing the dishes facing away from her while she was eating. i dont know how long she was holding this onion there but she was just waiting for me to turn around and see, when i did we both cracked up. This is a cool thing about daycare, she learns things that you dont show her, I love being suprised by cool stuff that she does.

1 counting to 9
2 abc's and other songs (not perfect)
3 cleaning up

she also has learned the word "mine!" usually accompanied with jerking some object away, so thats fun.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

i have a 2 year old

dylans bday in the park, lots of fun, much whiffle ball, awesome weather.